Paul Nendick (pnendick) wrote,
Paul Nendick

This little site of mine is just a reminder of that time I was fortunate to enjoy a good deal of the world. I learned then that travel is not about places visited but life experienced - invaluable moments shared with others seeking the same. It's serendipity and magic and the bonds tend to last forever.

Today I've lost one of the greatest of them, my good friend Alex Staeubl. It's a loss that's hitting me terribly hard and personally. I'm writing this entry today as a sort of epilogue to the travelogue prior.

Alex is being memorialised on this facebook page.

Unlike the travel experiences previously documented here, I'm not willing to have this particular moment mis-interpreted by the masses. Please only comment on that page if you are one of the lucky people to have known Alex.

The rest of you feel free to say what you will right here instead.

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