Paul Nendick (pnendick) wrote,
Paul Nendick

I'm killing time in the range of an unprotected network, so why don't I keep my fingers warm with a good rant.

Recently Chicago (nes "The Jungle") banned the sale of fois gras citing concerns of force feeding and otherwise unethical treatment of the birds. It's hard to argue against the practice of ramming feces and remnants of other farm animals along with shredded Chinese newspapers down cute, cuddly geese gullets to the point of their internal organ damage. Of course that's not the whole story but it's all that matters to the stimulus-response relationship of the media and public sentiment. I just wanted to write today to remind us to be careful of the slippery slope people. You don't want to know how your food is prepared. Don't go there. You will end up an emaciated vegan. Can't we just agree fois gras is insanely delicious and damn the moral consequences?

OK, at this point in the choose-your-own-adventure, you may choose to disagree. If you think there's a moral line somewhere around here I suggest you consider what's done in neighboring Iowa at a kosher (read: supposed to be better) abattoir. If you protest and say "I only eat fish!" I would like you to consider the global fish crisis. If you're already a vegetarian, I say well done - and ask if you have found a way to keep from being tired all the time?

Sometime a few years back I developed a severe aversion to hypocrisy which mandated I abandon my vegetarian ways. Having since embraced my inner metro-savage I rarely feel the weight of hypocrisy on my shoulders. Let's celebrate with some contraband French goodness tonight - prepared by an illegal Mexican immigrant chef of course. We'll take my really inefficient motorcycle there. No helmets necessary. Bring some cigarettes.

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