Paul Nendick (pnendick) wrote,
Paul Nendick

There's little more disappointing to me than when I travel to a new, far-away place only to find it familiar. As a kid I imagined the furthest place on earth was China - just an endless dig in the ground beneath my feet - so China remains on my short list of must-see-before-I-die destinations. I hope for more unfamiliarity there than anywhere else. Well today that dream is gone.

Hello! China! What the hell is wrong with you? L.A. is the world's living dystopia. Believe me, I come from the future...
Be sure to follow the links in that story to pictures of the development and to the official news story. Note the cute musician girl is wearing what looks like Air Jordans. Bleah! Am I doomed to see the world only to confront poorly appropriated versions of a life I already know?
Tags: travel

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